Lefkada is one of the 7 wonderful Ionian islands in western Greece . Ionian Villas Lefkas is a small and private 2 villas complex with exclusive pool each , located on the western coast of the island, at only 3 kms from AgiosNikitas fish village , with close proximity of 3 kms drive to the gorgeous beaches of Kathisma , Mylos , Kalamitsi and Pefkoulia

Lefkada has the added advantage of being accessible with a drawbridge . After crossing the drawbridge , turn left and when you arrive at the beginning of the port,while the lake is on your right hand , you turn left and direct to the Agios Minas church and pedestrian street . At the lights of Agios Minas church , turn left and follow the signs that lead you to the AghiosNikitas village . During the whole trip , mountain will be on your left hand , and , the Ionian Sea on your right hand . When you arrive in AghiosNikitasvillage , keep driving on the main road with all the turns, pass the “kathisma beach” sign on your right hand and at 3 kms , on the main street of AghiosNikitas and Kalamitsi , on your left hand you will find a stone fenced 2 villas complex . You can park right outside the villas.

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Porto Katsiki Stbd 1
Agios Nikitas Beach
Egremnoi (2)
Kalamitsi Beach
Kalamitsi Beach
Porto Katsiki

Contact Info

Ionian Villas, Agios Nikitas
Lefkada, Greece
0030 6945 322093 Mina Vlahou
Greek hosts
0030 6946 566469 Helen Grapsas
International hosts:
email: info@ionianvillas-lefkas.gr

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