Lefkada has a long history from Paleolithic to Roman times .

You can discover it through the Ecclesiastic Museum in the Faneromeni Virgin Monastery, the Archeological Museum with bronze age items housed in the old City Hall in Lefkada town , the Folklore Museum with all traditional costumes and the Museum of Phonograph that preserve memories of a romantic aspect of the island .


Island is a well known religious tourism destination . Churches and temples dated from 17th and 18th century manifest the italian occupancy of the island. The most sacred one is the “Faneromeni Virgin Maria ” monastery ,at 5 kms away from the villa . The landscape around the Monastery is fabulous with a small zoo protected by the staff .


The island is very famous for its local dishes . Meat and fish are always served fresh as there are numerous pastors and fishermen still on the island who work not only with restaurants but also privately. Still , if you want to be served, a wide range of restaurants and taverns are ready to serve you fresh home made dishes, cooked with virgin local oil , following the traditional Mediterranean way of cooking .

Local wine is high light for the island . Don’t miss the chance to visit the local winery of “LefkaditikiGi“ and be demonstrated all the procedure followed for the production of wine .

Our traditional “oil pie” and “soumada” – almond juice – our traditional beverage as well as our traditional protected origin “salami” are among the “must taste” while your visit .


LefkadaTown ,AghiosNikitas , Vassiliki and Nydri are a shopping destination with lots of souvenirs , hand made pottery and jewelry . Don’t miss to visit Karya village , at 5 kms from the villas , where you will find a large variety of traditional broderies , an old habit of our grand mothers of half a century ago,still alive nowadays on the island .


Lefkada town and Nydri are offered for intense night life .Lefkada town throughout the pedestrian street offers a wide variety of bars and cafes,with all kinds of music . Nydri is a popular destination for youth but elder ones are more than welcome ,too ! AghiosNikitas is more a family or couple destination with jazz music sounds after a tasteful dinner by the amazing waters of this bay.


Lefkada is a mountainous island with lots of inland trek enchanting routes . Hikers will enjoy exploring elm trees and wild rose bushes and admiring the views from the hills. Breathtaking forests covered and quaint watermills will travel you back in time .

The gorge of Melisses at Kavalos village is an important part of Lefkada’s ecosystem offering you the opportunity of bird watching , swooping falcons as you trek alongside the river .

The Dimossari canyon in Nydri is a must see . Gushing waterfalls pool into green exotic lagoons shaded by moss draped oaks .

The Skaron forest located up in the river crossed mountains of the island is exceptionally beautiful and has a vital role for the island’s ecosystems . It has a very rate type of oak that can only be found in Lefkada .



Thermal winds is a phenomenon of the northern and southern part of Lefkada. The underpressure created by the wind westwards between the 2 edges of the island,create the ideal weather to practice your favorite sport .

Therefore Lefkada has become a well known wind and kite surfing destination , championships of European level take place every year . The 2 beaches offered for wind and kite surfing are the northern Agios Ioannis beach and the Southern Vassiliki bay .

Both at 20 kms away from the villas which are protected from wind .



Being actively implicated to water activities and not only swim is very challenging. A wide range of experience trainers all around the island will be happy to initiate you to basic practice of diving and scuba diving . Let yourself discover the unknown beauty of the virgin undersea .



Horse riding and lessons is a possibility on the island that has 2 different farms, the one being at only 5 kms away from the villa , in the village of Apolpena . Explore mountain with this charismatic animal. Become one with nature .



A unique experience to live ! Western Lefkada’s altitudes and thermic winds offer the chance to fly over the most beautiful beach of the Mediterranean sea ,Kathisma . An ideal spot offering ideal conditions for paragliding .